The “India, India” Game

Looking at our government, I cannot but think that it seems to be a video game being played. We couldn’t possibly be serious with the kind of decision-making we are seeing. The most recent opportunity to make a radical leap forward was the Union Budget. What we get was more tinkering.

Where are the Big Bold Steps? India needs 100 new cities, $100 billion for solar R&D (with China buying up Africa, where are we going to get the energy for development), liberalisation of the education sector, lots of high-speed rail connecting our cities, and so on. Who will think big and out-of-the-box?

What India needs is One Real Leader. I hope we can see one in the next decade. Else, another generation will have lost opportunities.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.

7 thoughts on “The “India, India” Game”

  1. The government is busy covering up the scandals. They are trying to cope up with exposure of their lies in the digital age and media scrutiny.

    In the end it looks like we are going to see action by the people similar to what we see in the middle east.

    It is high time people stopped voting decadent fools to office.

  2. rightly said, rajesh

    add to that the corollary that no leader may be elected to any office for more than two terms.

    this is one of the main (systemic) reasons why Indian politics has languished, every good farmer knows that the soil needs to be turned once in a while.

    though he was a man of many faults (including dynasty), there was much to be said for Nehru’s vision of a technology driven India. His ideas were ahead of his time, the people were not ready then.

    Now the people are ready, it is now that we need imaginative leaders who can set the nation stretch targets and see to that it is reached.

  3. Its an India – India game… In this game India is the only one that loses…

    eg: Congres-DMK re-alliance is where you can see exactly where the problem in India lies. WE are both CROOKS, you scratch my back and I will do the same for you.
    If the media is to be believed, what DMK wanted was do not arrest “The Daughter” !!!
    What about the “Law” !

    The budget did absolutely nothing to solve India’s problems. The budget did not even take into account where the oil prices will be heading due to middle-east crisis.
    A finer analysis of the budget shows that there are some gaping holes in it.
    Some of the best companies like BSNL which were evaluated at Lakhs of Crores have today become Financial Burdens to the Exchequer.
    What’s holding the government back from using a PPP model here and generating revenues ?

    The rail budget was Mamata’s way of launching the WB elections. The rail budget is still working on the old system and announcing new trains. What it needs to do is setup super fast trains and create hubs. To have direct trains running from one destination all the way across the country is just not using the resources properly. Reduce Traffic – Increase speed should be the way to go.

    What India really needs is a mass-revolution that is headed by “forward” thinking GROUP of individuals who will not fill their pockets, but make the common mans life easier.

  4. As per our PM Manmohan Singh, coalition compulsions are justification enough to allow anybody to loot the exchequer. I don’t recall VP Singh, Deve Gowda, IK Gujral and Atal Behari Vajpayee complaining about these same compulsions. He recently claimed ignorance for all scams ‘I am honest, I don’t know what others do.’
    Is that what you expect to hear from the Head of Govt?

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