Too Much Travel

In the past three-odd weeks, I have been to Delhi and Hyderabad twice, and once to Goa, Chennai and Ahmedabad. That is 4 flights a week, which is way more than I am used to! Of these, the two Delhi flights were both delayed on the return leg by over two hours, meaning I reached home past 3 am. I am one of these who like to still come back the same day back home.

By and large, air travel in India has improved over the past two hours. There are more on-time departures, and arrivals into Mumbai seem to have got noticeably better. Airports have many more shops to while away time. If only, we could tone down the announcements.

I am still hoping that we can see high-speed trains in India in the next 10 years: Mum-A’bad in 2 hours and  Mum-Delhi in 4 hours.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.