Digital India: Part 5

  • OPEN HIGHER EDUCATION: The states need to open up the higher education sector so world-class universities can come in and set up institutions here. This should drive research and post-graduates, so that industry gets the skillsets they need for cutting edge work in the IT area.
  • INCORPORATE USE OF TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION: Information technology (IT) makes the provision of education at all levels efficient, effective and affordable. Use of technology while learning makes students “digital natives” and gives them the power to be successful in the post-industrial digital age. Furthermore, use of technology boosts the demand and therefore supports the IT industry of the states.
  • WORK WITH BUSINESS to SET TARGETS like KOREA’s IT839: South Korea focused on creating expertise in multiple cutting-edge targets.  Started in 2005, South Korea’s IT839 Strategy laid out a roadmap for both developing South Korean technological infrastructure, and for building an electronics manufacturing capability that would power the country’s economy for decades to come.

In this context, also see the comments I had made at CSI.

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Rajesh Jain

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