Letter to a 6-year-old – Part 4

You are currently learning swimming. And you are quite good at it. Your instructor is impressed by your enthusiasm and yet you push your relatively smallish body to do more. You learnt Skating in the first half of the year – and actually won a second prize in the competition at the end.

Your Sports Day came and went, and, well, you completed the two races. Let’s leave it at that. In your Annual Concert, you were a Magic Fish. Earlier this year, you did a good job in class speaking about the Golden Toad as part of a project on extinct and endangered Animals. Now, your school project is on old Bombay with the class mothers frantically doing all the work. I wonder what you will do.

School for you is from 8 am to 12:40 pm. From August, you will be in first standard, and will be in school till 2:40 pm. Life will change then. Maybe, you will need to do some homework. Right now, on the rare days that you need to do some writing on the weekend, you are quite good at not just delaying it right till the end, but also stretching it to an extent that tests your Mom’s patience to the extreme!

Continued tomorrow.

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Rajesh Jain

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