Letter to a 6-year-old – Part 5

For your vacation last June-July, we travelled to China (Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai). You also did the two annual trips to Surat where SaifaliMasi and Niyati (who is just a year older than you) live. We also went to Lonavla to attend my cousin’s wedding. The times when we travel are the ones I love because it maximises our time together.

On most days, we get our 45-60 minutes together every morning after you wake up at 6 am. Our morning time ends with me giving you bath. Which reminds me: this year, you better learn to bathe on your own. And hopefully, you will also start sleeping in your own room – I know you love your Mom and cannot be without her, but every kid has to grow up!

Your Mom is the centre of your life – as she always has been. Watching the two of you together has always been an absolute delight. Now, with your snappy answers, it has become even more fun. You are not afraid to take her on – in a way I never could!

Your world is one of being in the present moment. You can’t read – though you can do enough pattern recognition to browse Amazon.com on your own in search of beyblades. You can barely write – and yet you don’t forget the important things. Your body clock works better than the ones that tell time. Your lose yourself in the world of your TV characters for half hour every evening as you have dinner – Chotta Bheem, Ninja Hattori, Doraemon and the absolutely obnoxious Oggy and the Cockroaches.

Yours is a wonderful world. It is one that I love to get lost in every so often. Are you ready for another game of Hide-and-Seek?

Happy Birthday, Abhishek!

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.