Can We Be Smarter?

Sometimes, we don’t use our brains. Two examples from the flying experiences that I’ve had and which I am sure we will all relate to.

1. Every so often in a flight, they need to count the number of passengers on board. So, you see one of the airhostesses or stewards counting…41..42…43..82…83…and so on. Can this be done better? Answer below.

2. In the few instances that we can board by aerobridges in India, there is no sequence to the boarding. Why can’t be board by zones – starting with the back of the aircraft? This is what is done abroad, and a few seconds of thinking is all it takes to confirm that it will make boarding the aircraft faster. So, why don’t we do it here?

Answer to 1: Just count the number of empty seats rather than the filled ones.  Much easier and faster since most flights have a handful of empty seats. I tried telling that to the Counter once. Poor chap forgot where he was and had to re-start the counting of passengers again!

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.