Police State

Bit by bit, our freedoms are being taken away. I had two experiences in my company about random inquiries from the police which they had no business getting into. This is getting over-zealous or over-intrusive, whatever the case may be. And with the new Internet control rules giving powers to pretty much shut off any website under a broad range of clauses, we are in for trouble going ahead. First, the phone tapping rules. Now, this. What’s happening?

At times, I cannot help but think that we end up with the wrong solutions because we do not understand what the problem is. A classic unfolding scenario is with the Jan Lok Pal Bill to tackle corruption. Instead of addressing the root causes of corruption (monopoly, discretion, no accountability), we are trying to figure out what happens after the corruption has taken place by creating yet another SuperBody.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.