Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • Atoms, Not Apps, Will Power the Next-Gen Phones: by Christian Lindholm on GigaOm. “By “atoms,” I mean widgets, essentially, that provide contextually relevant links to service APIs. You may have an atom in the phone book for instance, which provides a contextual link to send a Facebook message right from a contact’s entry in the phone book.”
  • IT Disruption: from WSJ. “Technology is bursting out from the shackles of its desk-bound past. It has the power to disrupt business like never before.”
  • The Merits of a Liberal Education: by Arthur Dudney in Outlook. “India will be a fairer and more productive society if more students graduate with not only a set of specific skills but also a liberal arts-inspired capacity to acquire new ones.”
  • Democracy, Elections and Voting: by Atanu Dey. “Let’s look around, at the very least, to see if other ways of implementing democracy have been figured out by others.”
  • Why is Sonia Gandhi scared of Narendra Modi? by Francois Gautier in DNA. “Because, he seems to be the only alternative to her son Rahul Gandhi becoming prime minister in the next general elections.”

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