Wanted: July Vacation Ideas

Abhishek’s school vacation is in June and July – he goes to the first standard when school re-opens. We were planning to go to the US in mid-July for 10 days, but are rethinking that. Any alternative recommendations? Our travel dates are July 10-20.

Some ideas that have come up are: one of the Club Mahindra resorts in India (the ones which are available are Binsar, Corbett, Nawalgarh, Mussorie, Kumbalgarh), Bangkok-Pattaya or Bali. My one worry about some of the Indian destinations are the rains. We aren’t the beach, ocean-jumping people, and are looking for a nice relaxed place which has plenty of things for a 6-year-old to do.

Places we don’t want to go this year: Europe, Singapore, HK/China.

So, any suggestions of specific places and hotels/resorts?


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  1. Rajesh

    One of my favorite visit is Gangtok and places around. . It does not a rain a lot there, and whatever amount it gets actually make it absolutely breath-taking. It is not very crowded and actually is a very relaxed place.

    You can fly to Bagdogra and then take a hired cab from there.


  2. My idea of a good vacation would be visiting the Gir National park. It houses of the largest reserves of Asatic lions.

    It houses a good resort and a guided tour of the park would be an excellent learning opportunity for everyone.

  3. Heaven of earth..Kashmir…….Or Himachal…Dalhousie, Dharamshala, Khajiyar

  4. Can I suggest this?

    A typical village in India, which does not have a power supply, electricity, very

    The idea of India for folks like you and Atanu can only succeed when see it actually from an Indian’s eyes…not by writing in blogs, not by supporting a party or not by giving multiple lectures… (no offense intended)

    And yes, it will be not that easy…but in the end it will be a great experience for all 3 of you…soothing, calm and divine…but then choice is yours…Hong Kong, New York, Singapore ….or a simple small village in India

    Name not given…Do not know how people react when given such comments….

  5. While most people head Southeast, I suggest you take a Southwest cruise (ref website) and explore Maldives/Laccadives. These are place which may be extinct in few years…

  6. Think of flying to South Africa. Your son can have a blissful interaction with the wildlife and you guys can relax as well.

  7. Visit God’s own country, the beautiful kerala. Listed as one of the top 50 places to visit in the world by National geographical explorer..Book a cottage at one of the ayurvedic resorts and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul…Somatheeram resort in Trivandrum is a good one. Their cottages are by the sea shore and they have meditation, massage and ayurvedic cuisine within their premises.

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