Urban Infra in Mumbai

Indian cities need some serious urban planning. What we have right now is a mix of sub-standard ideas, ad hoc decisions and delayed implementation. That is no way to treat cities like Mumbai.

Let us look at Mumbai. Yes, we got one Sea Link. Plenty of flyovers. An above ground metro and monorail are coming up. Some other random bridges are being talked about. But surely, we can do better than that. For one, the metro should have been underground for the most part and covered a lot more of the city. We need sea transport like how Hong Kong has. We need more bridges on the western and eastern sides of the city.

Who is thinking? Where is the vision for Mumbai? Are is our destiny narrow raids, traffic jams and crowded public transport?Who is responsible for making Mumbai’s urban infrastructure 10X better than what it is?

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.

3 thoughts on “Urban Infra in Mumbai”

  1. I will be the first one to come back to India as an experienced Urban Planner, if there is any such thing happening in India. Unfortunately, there is no opportunity for us, expect for the current bureaucratic positions in the government.

    I am an experienced Urban Planner with Architecture background, but very much discouraged to come back (to India) for lack of opportunities. There is remotely any environment for our profession to thrive in India unless we are ready to do everything and anything except true URBAN PLANNING.

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