Surat-Anand Trip – Part 1

Last weekend, I made a short visit to Surat, with a 1-day trip to Anand. The family was already in Surat. With Abhishek’s vacation now underway, we are back to our short here-and-there trips.

I have been visiting Surat for more than 15 years. Surat is about 260 kms from Mumbai. It takes about three-and-half hours by Shatadbi. I came back by Flying Rani which took about four hours and 40 minutes to cover the distance.

In the past few years, there has been at least one trip each year. Surat has grown dramatically over the years. The infrastructure in terms of roads is keeping pace. Every time I go there, I see some new flyovers, which are more like elevated roads given how long some of them are.

There are three places we visited on the day I was there: ISCON mall, an amusement park opposite that and of course, Pizza Hut, which is one of the few all-veg joints they have in the country.

Surat is one of India’s better managed cities. Let us hope it stays that way.

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One thought on “Surat-Anand Trip – Part 1”

  1. My cousin brother (Shehzad Sayed) handles the pantry food service for Shatabdi and Rajdhani on that route. His family owns all the railway canteens and Food Express on Surat station.
    Hope you don’t have any complaints!!
    Even his house is just a stone- throw away from there. Whenever I go there, I really enjoy how the cooks prepare food everyday for the trains, and the daily format of packaging veg and non-veg food separately and then sending it to the platforms where it gets loaded in the pantry wagon car.
    Surat is far much better than Mumbai. I was really impressed by the clear traffic-free roads and town-planning style of this city. The network of flyovers make traveling a smooth experience.

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