Surat-Anand Trip – Part 2

We took the kids  (Abhishek and his cousin) to Anand to visit Amul for our obligatory one-day outing. Amul was one of my first customers during the IndiaWorld days, and from there started a relationship that has stayed through for fifteen years.

Anand is about 225 kms from Surat. It took us about three-and-half hours to cover that distance by road. The twin drives were quite different – going early morning on near empty roads and returning late night on truck-filled ones.

Driving on the 6-lane NH8 and then the 4-lane NE1 expressway is as good as it gets in India. The signage is excellent. Flyovers have been built on NH8 on most intersections ensuring that one can maintain a speed of about 60-80 kms for the most part. On the expressway, 100 kms seemed to be the norm.

We took a small deteour giving on the Golden Bridge across the Narmada at Bharuch since there is ongoing repair work on the main bridge. The 130-year-old bridge brought back memories from our drive to Rajasthan more than 30 years ago. For some reason, the Bharuch bridge has always stayed in my memories!

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