Surat-Anand Trip – Part 3

In Anand, we visited two Amul factories, thanks to a friend at Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing (GCMMF). It was amazing to see the huge integrated equipment which process the milk and convert it to butter and milk powder, among other products. Working on computers all my life has limited exposure to the mighty machines that make stuff we consume in our daily lives. The Amul story, brought to life in a 20-minute video, is in some ways the story of India.The second visit was to the chocolate factory. Seeing first had how cocoa beans get converted into the stuff we so enjoy was quite an experience. We saw all the various processes closely, and ended with the kids and adults joyously chomping down the chocolates!

As Abhishek walked around, I was almost reminded of the story, “Curious George and the Chocolate Factory.” He could relate to what has happening and was almost tempted to replicate some of George’s antics. (George is a curious monkey.)

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Rajesh Jain

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