Surat-Anand Trip – Part 5

A few closing thoughts.Through the road and train journeys, I could not help think that I should do a driving tour of India sometime in the next year. One needs to get out of the metro (and South Mumbai) cocoon. Maybe, a small group can be put together to drive, discuss and debate. A good time for such a tour would be in Oct-Nov this year when Atanu is in India.

Parts of rural India still seem to be frozen in time. Just 15-20 kms from towns and the world once again changes – perhaps more sharply than that from metros to towns. That India needs to be revitalised – there are kids there who need education and opportunities. I still don’t think we are doing that good a job in India on either of these fronts. That needs to change.

Finally, we need faster trains. More like high-speed trains. Mumbai-Surat should be done in less than 90 minutes, with another hour getting one to Ahmedabad. Our railway network needs a massive upgrade. Even as we build more roads, we need to learn form China and invest in a massive network of trains that can do 200-400 kms in an hour.

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Rajesh Jain

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