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This week’s links:

  • IBM CEO Interview: Sam Palmasino speaks to Forbes. “We picked three major shifts and came up with the road maps–first the 2010 road map, now the 2015 road map. The three shifts are 1) global economies rebalancing, 2) the post-PC era driving infrastructure technologies like cloud and analytics, and 3) a changing client that puts a value on integration.”
  • A Great Graduation Speech For Engineers And Entrepreneurs: by Krista Marks (via Brade Feld). You hear people say, failure builds character, or fail early fail often. This is not only wrong – it is dangerous.”
  • Why are reforms so difficult? A research paper by Alessandra Bonfiglioli and  Gino Gancia. (via Rajeev). “This column notes that many governments fear electoral defeat if they enforce unpopular policies. But it also argues the risk of punishment in the polls is the lowest in times of crisis.”
  • India on an inflation treadmill: by Niranjan Rajadhyaksha.”The only long-term solution to the current tangle is to promote policies that shift the supply curve to the right.” Also see NY Times article: “As India’s Growth Slows, Leaders Face Political Headwinds.”
  • Revolt of the Outlander: by Swapan Dasgupta. “Anna Hazare and Ramdev appeal to two distinct social classes.” (via Amit).

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