Blog Past: Summer Vacations

From a post a year ago:

Since Abhishek started school a year ago, our vacations now have to sync up with his, which effectively mans the IB/IGCSE calendar. So, we have the unusal situation of having June and July as the vacation months for him, even as all his cousins have finished theirs and are back in school!

When I was growing up, summer vacations for me meant visits to my grandparents home in Pune, or the occasional visits to Rajasthan. As a family, I do remember us going once to Kashmir – taking Jammu Tavi from Mumbai on what was then one of the longest train journeys in India slicing through many Indian states. The second vacation that I remember was an SOTC European tour in 1981 (as a 14-year-old).

There is a lot of India that I haven’t seen. I hope we can do that during Abhishek’s growing-up years.

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