Rang De Basanti

One of the evenings recently, I ended up watching “Rang De Basanti” on TV. I had watched it after it was released, but watching the movie in the current political context of corruption and middle class frustration with the political class created a new setting. While the solution advocated at the end is not the right one, the points made by the movie are worth thinking through.

In the past few weeks, even the most loyal supporters of the government have been exasperated by the silence and inaction. When I talk to people in the know, they mention the complete paralysis of policy making in the government. This has to change.

The challenges we face on multiple fronts are immense, but without the vision and will to tackle them, we can end up digging ourselves into a hole. If ever there was a time that an Indian politician needed to seize this moment in time and rise as a leader, this is it.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.