Bali Vacation – Part 1

Bali was our first beach resort vacation. It was different. Most of the previous vacations have been very busy – shopping, going place to place, always thinking of stuff to do. This time around, we had no such urgencies. We stayed at the Conrad in Nusa Dua – I picked it from the reviews on TripAdvisor and also because it had some rooms with a kitchenette, which given our Jain food restrictions, come in very handy.

We spent a fair amount of our time in the hotel – most mornings consisted of a walk on the beach, watching TV, sitting in the patio outside, and generally doing nothing. Which as it turns out is actually quite difficult and takes some getting used to. I used the time to sit and do some thinking on what I want to do in the next couple years. I was reading Kasparov’s book and the chapter “Endgame” struck a deep chord.

Afternoons, we would go out shopping and generally seeing places. There isn’t that much to check out in  Bali – much of it can be completed in a couple days. On one of the days, we took the standard full-day tour that took us to Ubud and the various places around. Dinner was usually at an Indian restaurant so we would get our one full meal for the day.

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