Bali Vacation – Part 2

Our Bali trip could be summarized as a collection of 11 points. Here goes:

1. The Hotel: Conrad is a great place to stay. The hotel, like many others in Nusa Dua, is right on the beach. A few minutes walk from the room and one is right there. The service is excellent, as probably is the case in most such hotels. We had a ground floor room, with a little patio. Sitting outside, listening to the sound of a waterfall, seeing the greenery and the little water body around – it all is so relaxing.

2. The Beach: My concept of a beach so far in life has been largely limited to Chowpatty. Which of course, is no comparison. We haven’t been to Goa and other beach destinations in India. What has changed in the past couple years is that Bhavana and Abhishek have both learnt swimming so water is much more inviting than it used to be. Walking around, sitting in the sun, hunting for sea shells, playing around in the water (I skipped this part) – that is what beaches are for.

3. Swimming: For me, I will remember this vacation because I went into a swimming pool after 15 years! I know swimming but somehow never did it all these years. Out here, prodded on by Abhishek, I went right in. And it was so good to be in the water. I splash a lot of water, so the fact that there weren’t too many others at the time I went in helped.

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