43 to 44: Part 3

Looking at things from a wider lens, the last year has been a year where India has lost a lot of faith in its political leadership. Scams, decisions not taken along with some extremely stupid decisions, corruption, inflation – it has all added up to a difficult year. And the most recent fall in the financial markets has only added to the gloom.

One of my learnings in the past year has been that leadership matters. Our Prime Minister is just not cut out for the job. He shouldn’t have been there but for the word of a Lady. Leading and running India needs skills of a different level.  Decisions made (or not made) can impact hundreds of millions of people. When survival becomes paramount, development and governance take a backseat. That has been the tragedy of India through most of its Independent years.

This is the politics that needs to change. We need to create a demand for capable leaders. Companies and countries need the right leadership to thrive. There are a few such leaders in India. Our goal has to be to give them an opportunity to lead the nation. We cannot have India bequeathed by a single family  from one generation to the next.

Continued tomorrow.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.