Netcore’s Business – Part 5

As I look ahead at Netcore, there are a number of areas that we will need to look at in the coming months.

First, we need to strengthen our cloud offerings. As corporate email and collaboration shifts to the cloud, we have to be there. e-Interact is a step in that direction.

Second, we have to better integrate email and SMS. Both together are the twin identities that most people have. We are one of the few companies globally with very good technology platforms in both verticals. The challenge is to integrate them so enterprises can do co-ordinated campaigns.

Third, we need to bring in analytics to measure and provide better feedback on campaigns done in both email and SMS. A lot of valuable data is being generated, and that needs to loop back to create more targeted campaigns.

Finally, we need to see if we can take our solutions to other markets outside India. We have talked about this often, but have not focused enough on expanding internationally. I hope we can do this sometime soon.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.