Letter to a 7-year-old — Part 2

Your world revolves around your school for the most part. You get up around 6 am, though now increasingly, I have to wake you up around 6:25 am, since you insist on sleeping a little late at night (around 8:30 pm). We do our little reading or some play, and then it is time for your bath and breakfast so you can go the temple en route to being picked up by your school bus at 7:35 am. School starts at 8 am.

You are in first standard, and will get to the second grade in your IGCSE school in July after the vacation. Your class has 20 kids and 2 teachers. It is a fun place for you, and given that there is almost no homework, you have plenty of free time in your life. You come back from school around 3:30 pm.

You have made some great friends in school. For many in your class, you are “BablooBhai.” I have no idea how that nickname came to you, but it does conjure up an interesting personality!

The school also has events every few months – sports day, annual day, project day, and so on. So, there is always something to look forward to. Twice a year, your mummy and I get to visit, see your work and meet with your teachers.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.