Letter to a 7-year-old — Part 3

Your mom meets you when you come home. It is time for a quick snack, and your buses and cars. For half hour or so, you are lost in your own world of vehicles that you take through your imaginary world. After that, it is play time with your cousin Maya who live next door. On some days, there are classes – like drawing, music and chess. You also spend time in the building playground with the other kids. Dinner time with TV (mostly Doraemon and Chota Bheem) is around 7 pm. I normally come home around 7:15 pm, so we get some time to read or play before you need to go to sleep.

Weekends are different, of course. Bicycling is something you really like in the mornings, which you do with your cousin Siddharth. Some weekends we go to Santa Cruz to Bhavana’s parents, and there you have more play time with your cousin, Hriday.

Some weekends you have to do charts for your school projects. That is hard work! You need to do writing, and then understand the concept so you can explain in class. These projects are a good way for you to learn new things. Some of the topics over the past year were on festivals, the universe, photosynthesis and homes.

The centrepiece of your current life is ClubPenguin.  You spend a few hours a week (with your cousins) on this virtual world. Something about this has captured your imagination, and you just love playing. This is quite a change from a year ago, when beyblades and CricketAttax cards were the centre of your life!

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Rajesh Jain

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