Letter to a 7-year-old — Part 5

The time I like best with you is our vacation time. Last year, we went to Binsar and Bali in summer, and then Munnar in December. Vacations are when we get long stretches of time together, and it is increasingly interesting to have conversations with you. You are always full of questions – like it has always been.

Your mom remains the fulcrum of your life. Her one look, her one word, her silence – everything can change you in an instant. You are both so similar in many ways. There is a street smartness in both of you, and my favourite moments are when you both lock horns. You can anticipate her reactions, and so can she. This is “real-world chess” for me! So far, she always manages to stay ahead. But I think its going to get to draws soon!

I am the necessary “third person” – the one you both can gang up on for some entertainment every so often. You don’t like me travelling, but I cannot avoid that. We do our bit of learning together – reading the library book you get from school every Monday, some mental maths (“algebra”, as I tell you), and the occasional Q&A. My only peeve with you is that you are as disorganized with things around the house – not surprisingly, just like your mom!

Happy Birthday, Abhishek, and have yet another fun-filled year. Life is all about enjoying every moment, and I wish I could learn that from you.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.