Letter to a 7-year-old — Part 4

Over the past year, you have undoubtedly become a lot more boisterous and aggressive than you were a year ago. You are even willing to stretch an argument with your mom. It is great fun to watch that. Like just the other day, when your mother and I had to go to Pune, you didn’t want to come. You made no bones about announcing to her and me, “I will have one day of peace.” That ‘peace’ for you meant unlimited TV and computer, of course! But it was quite a statement, and unthinkable a year ago. It was said in half jest of course. But it goes to show your growing independence.

An incident I remember is when you were hit by a friend who threw a hard ball at you while you were playing at home. It hit you. You realized it was an accident. When asked what happened, you said nothing much, perhaps knowing your friend may get a talking to if you said what happened. Friends do mean a lot to you.

The past year, you had four of your milk teeth extracted and a wire put to ensure proper teeth growth. You also ended up with five stitches and a scar on your forehead when the swing hit you in school.

You are becoming better at Chess. We have taken you to two local competitions over the past few months. In the first one, you got 2.5/4 points, and in the second, 3 out of 4. You should have won the first game which ended in a stalemate! I play with you at home occasionally, trying to ensure you are not hasty and don’t make silly mistakes.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.