New York, Again

New York is one of my favourite cities. I realised that it had been many years since I actually visited the city. I have flown in and out many times, but it had been five years or so since I actually walked around. Three of my favourite stops are two bookstores and one restaurant.

Strand Book Store on 12th and Broadway is a delight. Just walking around and looking at books that would otherwise never show up in an Amazon search is thrilling. The serendipity of discovery is a joy to experience. Nearby is Barnes and Noble. It still has arguable one of the largest book collections.  I spent a couple hours at both the bookstores combined and bought about 15 books of all sorts. When time is limited, my principle is: “if in doubt, buy.”

My favourite restaurant is Vatan, on 29th and 3rd. I make it  a point to have my dinner there, since I can get excellent Jain food. It is one of these places you need to skip lunch, and then go for a full early dinner. Their $30 thali has everything one would expect, and the ambience is perfect. Reservations are easy now, via OpenTable.  The good thing about Vatan is that the food tastes just the same many years later too!

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.