Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • 32 Innovations that will change your tomorrow: from New York Times Magazine. “…this issue is about…all the little failures, trivialities and not-quite-solved mysteries that make the successes possible. This is what innovation looks like. It’s messy, and it’s awesome.”
  • Why Every School in America Should Teach Entrepreneurship: by Steve Mariotti in Time. “I believe owner-entrepreneurship education can help solve the youth unemployment crisis, rescue our low-income communities by increasing home ownership and employment, and help close the wealth gap.”
  • Windows 8: by Michael Mace. “Windows 8 is a very interesting, provocative, even courageous product.  But I’m not sure it’s going to succeed.”
  • The TV Business in the US may be starting to collapse: by Henry Blodget. “TV is not going to disappear, just the way newspapers haven’t disappeared. But it just defies common sense to think that the huge change in user behavior over the past decade won’t ultimately hurt the TV business.”
  • China’s economy: A special report in the Economist (May 26 issue). “China’s economy is not as precarious as it looks. But it still needs to change.”

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