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This week’s links:

  • Local will be the biggest opportunity: by Bill Gurley. “Over the next five years, this massive opportunity will come into focus as local businesses embrace the Internet and adopt new interactive technologies that increasingly automate the connections between their customers and themselves.”
  • South East Asia Mobility Report: from Mobile Monday, by Madanmohan Rao. “Southeast Asia accounts for one tenth of the world’s population, with Indonesia’s population alone around 240 million. The region reflects a diverse mix of cultures, economies, innovation dynamics andmobile/Internet diffusion patterns.”
  • Peter Diamandis Interview: from Wired. Peter is the X-Prize founder. “He soon realized that the same forces that enabled a small team of amateurs to make a lunar lander could empower cadres of bright, idealistic people to solve earthly problems.”
  • The Voice of the Storyteller: from NYTimes, the last in a series on better writing. “Writing style begins with clarity: Find the right words, and decide what to leave out. Then shape your sentences. Turn a phrase, play with sound, listen for cadence. Think about tone, and select a point of view.”
  • India needs drastic reforms, not cosmetic ones: by SL Rao in The Telegraph. “The needed reforms are structural and systemic, prioritizing decentralized governance, and administrative reform. “

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