Blog Past: Why I am not more active on Twitter and Facebook

Nothing has changed from what I wrote a year ago:

A friend recently asked me why the only I do on Twitter and Facebook is repost by blog posts. Why didn’t I do more? Why wasn’t I more active?

There are three reasons. First, I like to write slightly longer posts. Second, I like to take my time thinking through what I write. Third, given the nature of my work, I like uninterrupted periods of time. Let me explain all the points.

Twitter’s 140-char limit and real-time interaction has terrific advantages. But for me, I like my reactions to be a bit more measured. The blog, for me, gives me the time and space to write how I feel. Like I have said below, I write the blog to help myself think better. If others benefit from it, that is great. For me, writing has always been something which has made me more attentive and thoughtful. The blog gives me the room I need to clarify my own thought processes in a way Twitter cannot.

Also, in today’s world, where there is a near constant spate of interruptions, we are not getting enough chunky amounts of thinking time.  Thinking is very critical for what I need to do – both in NetCore and for the political ideas. That needs less interruption and more continuous stretches of time. Email and SMS anyways beckon regularly. I don’t want to, at least for now, add tweets and Facebook status updates and news feeds to that list.

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