Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • The Capitalism Debate: by David Brooks. “For centuries, business leaders have been inept when writers, intellectuals and politicians attacked capitalism, and, so far, the Romney campaign is continuing that streak.”
  • On Stephen Covey, who died this week. 800-CEO-Read and Economist.
  • Nokia’s Bad Call on Smartphones: from WSJ. An account of what went wrong. “Nokia led the wireless revolution in the 1990s and set its sights on ushering the world into the era of smartphones. Now that the smartphone era has arrived, the company is racing to roll out competitive products as its stock price collapses and thousands of employees lose their jobs.”
  • Brand Transformation on the Internet: from strategy+business. “To Aaron Shapiro, CEO of the digital agency Huge, online marketing means creating immersive environments where people go to get their problems solved.”
  • Rights and Freedoms: Atanu Dey distinguishes between the two. “Somehow people start thinking that the expansion of rights enhances freedom but in fact it is the opposite: the expansion of rights actually reduces our freedom.”

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