Blog Past: A New Mobile Phone

It has been a year since I bought the Samsung Galaxy II S. This is what I wrote a year ago:

After a couple years of the Nokia E71, I got myself a new mobile – Samsung’s Android phone which sold 3 million worldwide in its first 55 days. It cost Rs 30,500 ($680).

It is a beautiful phone. Quite light, big sharp screen, and quite an intuitive interface. Of course, the Apps are now being downloaded and tried out. I still think the iPhone feels much better from the experience perspective, but Android is now very good. It is a good fight between the two, so the innovations should keep coming.

I intend to keep this as a second phone for some time. With a battery replacement, the Nokia E71 is still quite a reliable talk-and-sms warhorse, and I like its qwerty keypad.

The II S has been working well, and the Nokia has been consigned to the drawers. Somewhat like the fates of the two companies.

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Rajesh Jain

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