A Passion for Punctuality

Just as the Rajdhani pulled out of the station, it came to a halt almost immediately. Apparently, someone had pulled a chain. There was much activity, and as one of the other engine drivers explained to me, this one is a very special train. It cannot be even a minute late – its performance is monitored centrally in Delhi. I had experienced the on-time arrival the previous day.

What struck me was the passion and pride with which he spoke. That point – “It cannot even be a minute late” – stayed with me. And I brought it up in our company sales review the next day — that the focus has to be on achieving our full targets, and not be satisfied with being short by a few lakhs. Seeing the passion in the railway staff brought home the point that much is possible if we have the right mindset — even in a government job.

And on that hinges the future of India. How can we transform ourselves into a modern, developed nation in a generation?

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.