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This week’s links:

  • No country for the young: by Manish Sabharwal in Indian Express. “India’s young care most about jobs. And a narrative that places job creation at the heart of policy synthesises the most important issues: roads, power, labour laws, land reform, education, skills and deregulation.”
  • Economic slogan for 2014: by Gautam Chikermane in Hindustan Times.  “Sooner rather than later, the vulnerable sections have to become partners in the economic development of India. And that can happen only if the political establishment articulates this idea — Mera Bharat, Ameer Bharat.”
  • It’s about Freedom, not just Freedom of Speech: by Atanu Dey. “When the Government is afraid of people, the people are most likely winning the war. Indians still have a chance at real freedom, something that has eluded them for so long.”
  • TIME magazine’s latest “The Wireless Issue“: “There’s a smart-phone gait: the slow sidewalk weave that comes from being lost in conversation rather than looking where you’re going. Thumbs are stronger, attention shorter, temptation everywhere: we can always be, mentally, digitally, someplace other than where we are.”
  • Comscore Jun-Jul 2012 Data: on the Indian Internet

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