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Satya pointed me to Monday’s write-up in The Hindu by J Murali on the Info Aggregator:

Info Aggregator is an `RSS-IMAP service’ that enables you to `receive and read RSS feeds’ with a mail client like Eudora or Outlook. After signing up with the service, it will provide you an IMAP e-mail ID (IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol is one of the methods used to retrieve mails from a mail server) of the form your name@rss.blogstreet.com.

Once an account is registered with the service, log-in to it and subscribe to your favourite RSS feeds using the `Add Subscription’ option. Apart from subscribing to the RSS feeds by directly entering the URL of an RSS feed the service also provides several other means to help you populate the subscription list. For example, it provides a link to `Top 100 Blogs’ which can be used to view and subscribe to the RSS feeds of any of the popular blogs contained in the list.

Once the required steps to subscribe to the relevant feeds are over, you can start receiving the RSS feeds through your mail client. Of course, to pick the RSS feeds from the mailbox given to you by the Info Aggregator service, you need to configure the mail client using the details explained in the e-mail received from the service during the registration process.

That explains the spate of new registrations we got!

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