Sun’s Holistic Approach writes about ths subtle shift in Sun’s philosophy, which is likely to be reflected in the SunNetwork conference this week:

Sun Microsystems is preaching the message that customers prefer pre-built packages of hardware and software over piecemeal components.

In the past, Sun released various components when they were ready–new computers, updated operating systems, bigger storage systems, expanded software packages and so on. Beginning this year, CEO Scott McNealy ordered the switch to a synchronized release of pre-built packages once every quarter, with all the components designed to work together harmoniously.

With this holistic strategy, Sun pays for integration that customers would otherwise have to do themselves or pay a third party to do.

When it comes to computing, McNealy argues that customers want pre-built equipment, just as they want fully operational cars and not a collection of piston rings and other components. The quarterly release is analogous to the auto industry’s annual debut of new models.

“The ultimate product really is a system, not a chip,” declared David Yen, executive vice president of chips.


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