Visualising Business Models

Phil Wolff points to Nanomix as an example of how a picture can make a big difference in explaining what a business does:

the Nanomix business chart

This 7k image is chock-full of information. It explains:

– How products emerge.
– The core activities and deliverables (and organizations? and talent mix?)
– The rate of weeding out needed along the way.
– That the process stops at creating the new product. They don’t bring new things to market. Suggesting marketing partners or customers.
– Key opportunities for productivity improvement (earlier in the cycle)
– A basis for competitive comparison (how many ideas do you generate, how many designs can you model, what is your cost at each step)
– That computational design comes before lab work, different from how research was done only ten years’ ago.
– The 1000-to-1 ratio is clearly hypothetical. But can’t you see a quarterly report with real numbers and the funnels sized in proportion to the real levels of activity?

What’s your business? Do you have a simple diagram that reveals your business at a high level?

We need to do something similar for Emergic and RISC.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.