Telecoms Convergence

The Economist writes in a survey:

Because of the convergence on IP networks, companies that used to be in separate industriestelephone operators, internet-service providers and cable-TV firmssuddenly find themselves in the same business. Cable companies now offer broadband internet and voice services over networks that used to carry just television, and telecoms firms have upgraded their networks to carry television signals. In the new converged world any firm that can deliver an IP stream to customers over its network can offer any or all of these services. And offering several of them together, many operators believe, is a winning strategy.

Whether or not convergence turns out to merit the hype, the industry has convinced itself that it is worth pursuing, and anyone who disagrees risks being left behind. As soon as one operator adopts convergence, all the others have to follow, says Mr Lombard. Quite how far and how fast the process will go remains to be seen. But like it or not, convergence is coming.

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Rajesh Jain

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