Nokia N800

David Beers discusses Nokia’s N800 Internet Tablet and writes:

What neither PDAs nor smartphones have really been able to do very well is help you keep all your valuable data, media and applications on your person all the time. Laptops, thumbdrives and web applications have all tried to fill this need, each with gaps or compromises. Another pain point that none of these mobile solutions has adequately answered is the need that many people have for taking and managing handwritten notes. Looking at the N800, which wasn’t really intended to answer these problems, I can see that with the right software it could be closer than anything we’ve seen to date for solving them.

All that’s missing are mobile and desktop companion applications (email, office doc, PIM, browser, RSS reader) that can share the mass storage on the device: the mobile version running on the device processor and screen, the desktop version running on the PC processor and screen when the device is connected to it.

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Rajesh Jain

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