TECH TALK: Demo 2007: VC Ratings

VC Ratings ranked the companies that presented. The criteria is based on the likelihood of the startup becoming a large and profitable company over time or earning a big return on investment in the next few months. Basically, home run investments. Putting valuation aside, this is my ranking of the companies that I would and wouldnt invest in right now. Here is a list of the top 15:

1. Blinkx Theyre already doing well. Will fly higher when video ad inventory matches its video aggregation capability. Video search leader has a chance to leapfrog Google.
2. Boorah Best approach to user-generated reviews Ive seen yet. Not facing the typical local ad barriers. Needs a better user interface and to master each vertical it enters.
3. Vringo Love the market and the technology. Targeting the youth market with video ringtones. Easy to understand revenue model.
4. Zink Truly breakthrough technology. Smart business model based on paper, rather than hardware sales. If it gets the right deals and stimulates market demand, could be a phenomenon.
5. Shipwire Outsourced shipping and storage solution is very scaleable. Complicated to manage. Easy to market with capital.
6. Aggregate Knowledge Outsourced recommendation engine. Immediate return on investment for publishers and e-commerce sites. How big can it get?
7. SplashCast Too tough to choose between the numerous personal video players. Pick em. (Although $5 million from Benchmark boosts their rating)
8. Me.dium Makes browsing a less solitary activity. If it can catch on, a big hit.
9. 6th Sense Analytics Clear ROI for buyers. No other software project analysis programs out there as good. Raised a fresh $5 million first round.
10. Bling Software Barry Bonds appearance at the show is a wash. Could ride the mobile content wave. Too early or perfect timing?
11. Mobio Mobile content in an easily digestible form is a killer app. If it hits, it hits big. It it doesnt
12. ZoomInfo Im not letting the fact that Im the number one result for a query of my name color my judgment. Business search done right is lucrative.
13. Soasta What do I know about service oriented architecture?
14. Whisher Revenge is the sweetest motivation. If it can convince users that sharing their WiFi networks will benefit them, this could grow rapidly.
15. Mywaves – Too tough to choose between the numerous personal video players. At least this one is for the mobile phone.

Videos of all the presentations are available at Demo’s site.

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