Blog Past: The Making of Abhishek

Every Sunday from now on, I will link to one of the posts from the archives. This will point you to some of the writing I have done through the years that I think is still relevant and topical. Wherever possible, I will also provide a small commentary to place it in perspective in today’s context.

This Sunday’s post from the past is the one which gets me the maximum feedback — the story of how Abhishek was born (written in July 2005), a story of “one couple’s dream to have a baby and another couple’s determination to make that happen.”

As I look back to that period, memories have started fading – being replaced with the joyful images of Abhishek through the years.  Even now, as we recount the story sometimes to people we meet, it seems remarkable how we lived through the emotional upheavals of that period. I also got periodic emails from people who read the story and want to know more about experience or want a reference on the doctors (Dr. Aniruddha and Anjali Malpani). I hope by putting our story up there we have made a difference to some people who faced a similar situation to the one we did.

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