Letter to a 5-year-old – Part 4

There are many memories which will stay with me from your fifth year. Perhaps, the best ones are the two days we spent together when we went to Pune in the Christmas vacation – without your Mom. So, it was just the two of us. We went by train and came back by bus. It was the first time that just the two of us had travelled together for an overnight journey. I am hoping we can make this an annual feature.

The trips that we made to London in June and Rajasthan in October are the ones I also remember a lot – just because of the time we got to spend together.

I still remember the day when you won a bronze medal at your School Sports Day (in the Obstacle Race). You even went to sleep wearing the medal!One of the amazing things this year is that you learnt to do some basic math on your own! I have no clue how you learnt it. Your mom says it is Abacus Maths. I discovered it on the way back from Pune. First, I thought you had memorised stuff, but later I realised that was not the case. Perhaps, you picked it from our time playing Monooply and Ticket to Ride.

Which brings to me to the Board games we have and play. This year, we’ve tried out a lot. Besides the ones I have mentioned, we’ve played Settlers of Catan and Othello also. Atanu uncle (who comes and spends a few hours once a month with you) got you Jenga recently.

Of late, you have also started memorising Mumbai bus routes. We’ve found a website which lets you query for different routes, and you ask or do that bit of pattern recognition to figure out the bus stops listed. Since bus routes now accounts for most of our conversation, it drives your Mummy absolutely crazy!

Continued tomorrow.

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