A Summer of Travel

Abhishek’s vacation ends soon, and we are now on to our last travel, after Surat, China (HK, Shenzhen, Shanghai) and Chennai. This time, it is a 3-day visit once again to the Jain temples in Palitana. We will be going by train, like we did last year. It is a 13-hour train journey, and one I am looking forward to once again.

Train journeys have a charm of their own and with Abhishek also starting to like them, we have been making some plans of our own. One of the ideas I have given him is to go by Rajdhani to Delhi in either December or during his mid-term break next March.And then when he is older, to do the coast-to-coast train ride in the US.

Given that Abhishe’s school follows the IGCSE system, the vacations are in June and July. Having been used to vacations from mid-April to early-June while I was growing up, it will take some time getting used to this new vacation schedule!

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